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About Us

We have a story. This is it.

We know glasses.

We love glasses. To us, contacts are lame — stabbing plastic in your eye when you could be sporting an amazing accessory on your face. What a lost opportunity.

Your look, your fit.

Nothing takes your look from zero to Gosling as quickly as the right eyewear. And nothing makes you look more like Steve Urkel than frames that don’t fit your face. In a few easy steps, we’ll help you discover glasses that fit you perfectly.

Take The Quiz

Better technology
means better glasses.

Simply put, DITTO is the best way to buy eyewear. Our patented virtual try-on technology plus our personal style quiz will bring the right pair to you like magic.

What’s in a name?

“DITTO” is our name for the video of your face from your phone or webcam that enables you to virtually try on glasses from every angle. We wanted to name this virtual you something that didn’t remind you of a blue cat-ish avatar.

Here’s how to use the new lingo: Create your DITTO. Send your DITTO to a friend for style advice. Damn, your DITTO is hot. You get the drift.